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Ethical Sourcing / Where do our products come from ?

Founded by a Wildlife Biologist, Moscow Hide and Fur and our staff believe in ethical sourcing of our products and responsible management of wildlife as a beautiful and infinitely renewable natural resource. You will find our products in national parks, museums, schools, outreach programs, Native American ceremonies and more.

Wildlife is one of the most regulated products you can buy. A specific animal may be rare where you live, but plentiful or overpopulated in the places we buy them. Each state or province's Fish and Game or Natural Resources Department has extensive licensing requirements and regulations to ensure the ethical and humane taking of animals and a healthy population and environment. They manage wildlife populations to prevent disease, loss of habitat, starvation, etc. In some cases each animal is tracked and a tooth and tissue sample is collected at harvest and used to study the wild population. We collect a signed statement from our suppliers that items we purchase are in compliance with all laws and regulations. We do not deal in poached or endangered wildlife.

We are also committed to developing markets for as many parts of each animal as possible so that as little as possible goes to waste. The vast majority of our products are harvested for multiple purposes: ie, depradation, wildlife management, meat, etc. in addition to providing the products we offer. We, our customers and our suppliers don't take animals from nature because we dislike them; we love nature and believe in being responsible stewards. We understand that some people don't believe that animals should be used or taken from nature by humans in any circumstances and we respect their beliefs.

All items we offer for sale are legally taken and can legally be sold by us according to the laws of the State of Idaho where we are located (Idaho License 729-21-000005). Some states restrict which items can be sold to their residents, and we do not ship any item to a state where it is prohibited. You can find more information on our Ordering page.

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