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Ideas and Projects
Selected items made from the wildlife products we sell,
and information on the artists and craftspeople who made them.

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Click on each picture to learn more about the project and artist:

Contents of this page: Projects and Ideas | Links | Getting Listed


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  • "Rotate Phone" icon by Kelig Le Luron from the Noun Project.
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    Listing Information

    hideandfur.com offers this gallery as a service to our customers; helping customers market the items they make with our raw materials and offering a way to share ideas.

    If you would like to have your products featured here, please e-mail us: CustomerService@hideandfur.com

    We will only accept listings from people who purchase materials from us (it wouldn't be fair to our customers to advertise their competitors who don't do business with us). We will only accept listings that include pictures - you can send us regular photos or include digital pictures with an e-mail. Any pictures or files you send us become the property of Moscow Hide and Fur.

    We offer this listing as a public service. We are not associated with the people or businesses who are listed here, other than as a supplier of materials. Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement, recommendation or guarantee of the goods or services provided by these parties. If you contact them or do business with them, under no circumstances shall Moscow Hide and Fur be held responsible for any problems which may arise.

    This is a new service, and we reserve the right to change our policies in the future.