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    Buying Tanned Furs from Moscow Hide and Fur

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    The owner of MHF is a former Hudson's Bay fur buyer with expertise in North American furs second to none.  We let you see what you are buying and describe them accurately, unlike many of our competitors who have a few general categories of furs and then send you whatever they have available when you order.   

    We scour North America for rare colored  and exceptional quality furs and hides for our customers.  We attend the major international auctions and actively compete with global buyers in obtaining inventory for our customers.   We are proud that "we buy the best" for you as well as carrying skins priced for every budget.

    At our facility in Moscow, Idaho, we purchase hides and carcass animals from local sportsmen and producers throughout the United States  and employ a crew year round prepping animals that have the feet and tails attached.  We carry a complete line of life-sizeskins for the taxidermy trade and for nature displays and schools. 

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