Pictures of our chickens, who live in the back yard behind our warehouse.

More pictures (excuse the poor quality) :
A Buff Brahma hen (27 K)
Three Buff Brahmas (one is a cross) (32 K)
A muscovy duck (20 K)
A young barred rock cross rooster (62 K)
Another picture of the barred rock cross rooster (86 K)
A white goose (30 K)
A grey goose with some white spots (10 K)

There is a ditch along our property that keeps the spring run off from flooding our building. We have built a series of dirt and gravel dams with spillways to create ponds or reservoirs so that our birds can swim:
Ducks swimming in one of our ponds (98 K)
Another of ducks swimming in a pond (98 K)
Ducks in one of the reservoirs (75 K)
Another of ducks in a reservoir (96 K)

There are other animals that live alongside our birds:
A black domestic rabbit (12 K)
A brown horse that lives on the hill next door (12 K)
A bigger picture of the horse, overlooking one of our dams (136 K)

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