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Antlers and Horns : WHITE TAIL DEER - SIDES

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Lot # 2394-9145

5 points
0.62 lbs
golden brown color
has been inside for a long, long time! Gross BC score ~37. Main beam 14.75, tines 3, 3.75, 1.25; beam 3.25, 3, 4, 1.75. Typical 4 pointer with extra 2.25" tine which arises from outside of beam just before G3 and helps form a trough area which extends back to within 2" of G1 at the end of which there is a hole which disappears into antler. You can actually run water through this trough and into the antler! Some porky chews on back of antler from G1 to tip of antler, not seen from front. Tag 13788

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