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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and it is a new Internet technology that lets you subscribe to "feeds" of information from various sites you visit and easily keep track of news stories, changes, weblog posts, updates or many other types of information. You do this with a program called a "News Aggregator". Because you choose which feeds to subscribe to, you get a customized view of the sites and news that interest you, and you are in control of the news you receive. Your News Aggregator program automatically checks the feeds for new information, so you don't have to.

RSS is built on XML (eXtenbsible Markup Language) technology and RSS feeds and related information are often labelled with the orange XML icon you see above.

You can find general information about RSS, ways to get your own RSS News Aggregator and links to other sources of RSS feeds at:

How does the Updates RSS Feed work?

Our RSS feed provides the same information as the "What's New" section of our homepage ( This is a list of significant changes and additions to our inventory. We do not include every addition to our inventory, as this would often be 100 or more entries per day. Our RSS feed will generally include around 1 week of updates and is updated automatically as we make additions to our inventory. When we add a lot of new inventory, this list can be fairly large, or if we aren't adding much new inventory, the list may be very small or empty.

We provide our Updates RSS Feed as a service to our customers. Unfortunately, we're not in a position to provide technical support for RSS issues or News Aggregator software.

Thank you for your interest in Moscow Hide and Fur and our RSS feed!