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Antlers & Horns
Sets, sides, pieces; Deer, Elk, Moose, etc.

Buckskin & Leather
Soft deer and elk leathers, rawhide, etc.

Tanned Hides & Furs
Hair-on hides, Regular and Taxidermy Quality

Teeth & Claws
Singles, pairs and sets

Tanning & Services
Hair-On Tanning and Skull Cleaning

Skulls & Bones
Complete skulls, lower jaws, other bones

Snakes & Turtles
Snake Skins and Rattles, Turtle Shells, etc.

Beads & Shells
Crow, seed, trade beads, hair pipe, abalone, etc.

Feathers & Bird Skins
Feathers, wings, tails and bird skins

Raw Furs for Crafts and Taxidermy, Sage,
Sinew, Things that don't fit anywhere else

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