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Lot # 4060-0135

total length ~76" long, NBT = 70"
ivory white color
super heavy winter fur
closed mouth rug; huge hide
double felt border, black on pale red. Gross BC score on horns ~43.5. Horns ~8.75" long. Greatest horn width ~5.75", width between horn tips ~5". This is an old rug and the leather tear easily. Both back feet missing. Front right foot has one hoof, one dew claw loose, present. Has been very well kept, nice white color. Has nice fur and is not rubbed like many Mt. Goat hides. This skin can be used for display purposes only, will not withstand tumbling or constant handling. Right ear damaged, repaired

Pricing: ON SALEwill call
was $2500.00 ... now $1500.00 /ea

Quantity Available:
1 ea

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